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Italian Review Translated

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Last week I’m in Heaven Tonight received a lovely review on  With the help of the trumpeter on this project, Fabio Morgera, I have translated this review.

I´m in Heaven Tonight
Sarah DeLeo | Autoprodotto (2009)
di Vittorio Lo Conte

Sarah DeLeo is a true surprise, now with her second recording she introduces a mix of modern songs (“Let It Rain” of Patricia Barber) and classics. Her voice is stainless, like one of the great white female singers (like Peggy Lee or Lena Horne) and she’s also accompanied by our own Fabio Morgera. The album is produced with much skill, some songs are accompanied by organ and others by the piano, succeeds in creating moving atmospheres, as an example “No Moon at All,” one of the better moments of the album, with the organ which emphasizes the nocturnal atmosphere, or “Let It Rain,” with the piano of David Cook.

From her web site we learn that she is currently pregnant and will be taking some time off. When she returns to the scene we will again listen to her gladly. These are not times of great orchestras and great singers anymore, nevertheless such a voice is able to attract the attention of listeners even today, because it is extraordinarily communicative.

I’m in Heaven Tonight review on 

Kanal Jazz: Spotlight on Sarah DeLeo

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Today, Alain has kindly featured me on his Kanal Jazz web site.  He posted some pictures that I love, in particular a performance photo from Kavehaz and a studio photo from the I’m in Heaven Tonight recording sessions.  You will find links to his music broadcast at the top of the right column.

Hungarian Review Translated

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Last year, Mihaly Czekus reviewed I’m in Heaven Tonight for the Hungarian publication, Hifi Piac.  I appreciated his interest in the CD, but I had no idea what the review said, because it was written in Hungarian (obviously), and those free online translators don’t work well for that language!!  After some searching I thankfully found Margaret, who kindly provided the summary included below.

Thanks to Margaret for the translation, Anita, and Alison!!


Sarah DeLeo:

I’m in Heaven Tonight

If you haven’t heard of her, you will and if you know her you’ve been anticipating this album….

It then goes on to describe the album by saying you have selected the best music choices from slow tempo to swing and the best music from the 40’s through the 80’s.  The instrumentation is complex and you can listen to the songs multiple times and pull out different sounds each time.  The review calls out a number of your songs by title as well.

The review describes your singing as a well “studied” vocalist that enjoys what she is doing and sings with an inner fire.

It concluded with the CD is wonderful and you’ll by successful by keeping doing what you are doing.

I’m in Heaven Tonight Review in Hungarian Publication, Hifi Piac