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“On the Street Where You Live” on A Voice, A Soul: AnimaJazz – Download Available

Monday, September 28th, 2009

There exist in this world champions of standards singing in all of its
various forms.  One of those people is Bruno Pollacci.  Based in Pisa,
Italy, Bruno puts together three online broadcasts – Dubidubidu (a sweetly titled program of Italian jazz vocalists),
AnimaJazz (instrumentalists), and A Voice, A Soul (standards singers
from all of the world).  I am delighted that both The Nearness of You
and I’m in Heaven Tonight have received spins on A Voice, A Soul

in Heaven Tonight
debuted on this program over the summer with “On the
Street Where You Live” (A Voice, A Soul n. 109).  (Yes, I know this
isn’t the most timely post, but I’m doing some post-natal catch up of
some pre-natal work.)  This broadcast includes some very well-produced
tracks with a strong
traditional pop bent.  I invite everyone to listen to this program,
especially those of you who like traditional pop interpretations. 

has made it very easy to access this broadcast.  No more passwords!! 
Just click on the link below.  When you get to the page, go to the left
column and scroll down to A Voice, A Soul n. 109.  Click on this and
the program should automatically start in your default music player.  

A Voice, A Soul n. 109

Great Interview of Chicago Independent Record Label Owners

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Recently there have been a spate of very interesting articles about
music, the music business, and culture in general.  This interview,
conducted by Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune,
is my favorite of the bunch – a really thoughtful, concise, and
articulate assessment of the current situation of independent musicians
and record labels by two Chicago independent record label owners. 
These people have a wonderfully appropriate sense of humor, which you
need in this business, and provide some funny quotes: “rearranging the
chairs on the Titanic,” “You have to have more passion than sense.”  If
you are someone in the business who is in need of a cathartic laugh in
recognition or someone who wants learn more about what it’s like to be
an independent musician and/or someone operating an independent label,
I recommend this quick and enjoyable read.