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Last week I’m in Heaven Tonight received a lovely review on  With the help of the trumpeter on this project, Fabio Morgera, I have translated this review.

I´m in Heaven Tonight
Sarah DeLeo | Autoprodotto (2009)
di Vittorio Lo Conte

Sarah DeLeo is a true surprise, now with her second recording she introduces a mix of modern songs (“Let It Rain” of Patricia Barber) and classics. Her voice is stainless, like one of the great white female singers (like Peggy Lee or Lena Horne) and she’s also accompanied by our own Fabio Morgera. The album is produced with much skill, some songs are accompanied by organ and others by the piano, succeeds in creating moving atmospheres, as an example “No Moon at All,” one of the better moments of the album, with the organ which emphasizes the nocturnal atmosphere, or “Let It Rain,” with the piano of David Cook.

From her web site we learn that she is currently pregnant and will be taking some time off. When she returns to the scene we will again listen to her gladly. These are not times of great orchestras and great singers anymore, nevertheless such a voice is able to attract the attention of listeners even today, because it is extraordinarily communicative.

I’m in Heaven Tonight review on 

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