Great Interview of Chicago Independent Record Label Owners

Recently there have been a spate of very interesting articles about
music, the music business, and culture in general.  This interview,
conducted by Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune,
is my favorite of the bunch – a really thoughtful, concise, and
articulate assessment of the current situation of independent musicians
and record labels by two Chicago independent record label owners. 
These people have a wonderfully appropriate sense of humor, which you
need in this business, and provide some funny quotes: “rearranging the
chairs on the Titanic,” “You have to have more passion than sense.”  If
you are someone in the business who is in need of a cathartic laugh in
recognition or someone who wants learn more about what it’s like to be
an independent musician and/or someone operating an independent label,
I recommend this quick and enjoyable read.

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