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Every year when I write an end of year/beginning of year tome, I marvel at how quickly the time went. This year I’m not marveling at all. Between releasing my second CD and giving birth to my second child, as I told my mailing list, there was hardly a dull moment!! 2009 was really crazy, but very rewarding in so many ways.

In January I released my second CD, I’m in Heaven Tonight. I am very pleased with the response this album received. I’d like to thank all the reviewers and radio programmers/djs who gave consideration to this CD. If you ever have been given a CD to listen to, you know how difficult it is to find the time and then how time-consuming it is to listen critically, so you’ll understand how thankful I am that these people fit I’m in Heaven Tonight into their schedule. I would also like to thank the listeners who bought the CD either in physical form or download and/or joined my mailing list. Given the economy and the fact that this was my second CD, I tempered my sales expectations, but I have been very encouraged by the number of sales. For many listeners, I’m in Heaven Tonight served as an introduction to my first CD, The Nearness of You. In addition, I was able to fit in three great gigs before I gave birth in August, and I thank those who attended these gigs.

I continue to be delighted that my work reaches so many ears. There were times when I was producing/rehearsing/recording I’m in Heaven Tonight when I thought I was completely crazy for doing this project between two pregnancies, but in the end, I am so glad that I did. Now that I have two successful CDs under my belt, I am more than ever confident about what I am doing. So much of what I do is instinctual, and I have always known my instincts to be good, but to then receive such a positive response from listeners, as I have, is very gratifying.

I am very optimistic about the future, in spite of the uncertain economy and the challenges of building a career in a cluttered niche. The immediate future will be somewhat complicated for me given that I have two young children at home, and I want to be with them as much as possible during this time in their lives. This basically precludes the active nighttime schedule of which I have grown accustomed. However, I am very clear about the direction in which I need to go, and I know I can be effective if I use my time and the tools available to me efficiently. I am notoriously inefficient – I am an artist after all!! – but at least while the kids are little, I will have to forswear my tendency towards the scenic route, and travel in the express lane. Maybe this period in my life will irrevocably change the way I operate, at least from a business perspective, but in any case I welcome the challenges ahead.

So much to look forward to, so thankful for what I have.

Wishing you all the best in 2010!!!


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