“The Nearness of You” Live Performance Video on YouTube

I am pleased to announce that I have finally put up my first live performance video on YouTube!!  It’s “The Nearness of You,” also the title track of my first CD.  Joining me on this selection are David Cook (piano), Eric Halvorson (drums), and Jeff Hanley (bass).  It was recorded at the Metropolitan Room in July with lights and sound by Michael Barbieri.

If it is not obvious by a quick glance at the embedded video, I was very pregnant at the time.  In fact at 7:30pm exactly five weeks after this video was recorded, I was in the triage room at the hospital!!  In spite of all the physical challenges involved when singing in the last trimester, I’m very happy with the way this video turned out.  It will certainly do for now, until the time when I can make a non-pregnant video!!  I hope you enjoy it!!

ps – I will be publishing the second video from this performance, “No Moon at All,” on December 7th.

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