Amy Correia’s New CD

Singer/songwriter, and fellow Barnard alumna, Amy Correia is currently recording her new CD, Majesty.  Like many artists today, Amy is self-producing/financing this project.  To that end, she has put together a fundraising program, which I would like to share with you.  Please follow this link to learn more about Amy and the new CD:

Amy and I met while students at Barnard.  She started a few years ahead of me and after taking some time off, she came back to school for what turned out to be for both of us our senior years.  We ended up living together completely by happenstance in the same suite (apartment-like dorm).  I had the opportunity to hear Amy working on much of the material included on her first CD, Carnival Love, and I saw her perform many times.  It was actually quite exciting to listen to her first CD and hear all the songs I remembered listening to in 620!!  I think Amy does great work, and I hope you will chose to support her in this endeavor, as I have.

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