PS22 Chorus

I rarely, if ever, go on youtube.  It just doesn’t interest me.  The
more viral a video becomes, the less desire I have to watch it.  For
instance, I’ve never seen Susan Boyle’s video.  I’m sure it’s lovely,
but I could really care less.

A few days ago I was looking at my favorite entertainment industry
blog, Crazy Days and Nights.  He posted a link to youtube of a video of
the PS22 Chorus singing the Lady GaGa song “Just Dance,” and wrote
that it was worth taking the 3 minutes to watch.  Given how much I like
his blog, I thought I’d follow his recommendation to check out the

To my delight, the kids were just the cutest!!  The soloist was
fantastic.  What a lovely voice!!  She was very poised.  I would have
been petrified at that age.  All of the singers whether soloists or
choristers were so expressive.  It was great to see them singing and
dancing.  There were even a lot of boys!!  At the end of the video it
was just so sweet how the girl who did the brief rhyming part gave the
main soloist a high five and clearly said “Good job!”.  The whole video was a pleasant reminder of what singing is all about.

I was so impressed that I actually watched more of their videos on
youtube.  I wish I had a cool music teacher like that guy when I was in
grammar school!!  I liked “Landslide”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, and “Let
There be Peace on Earth” best.  I’m clearly late to this party as I
tend to be with any online/social networking type thing as these kids
have been on national television, have had hundreds of thousands of
views of their videos on youtube, and have had various celebrities blog about
them.  They were even in Washington and had their picture taken with
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In any case, I really think it is worth taking a few minutes out of your
day to watch their videos.  Here is the link to their youtube page –

I also love Crazy Days and Nights.  It’s like an entertainment industry
insider’s perspective, or as my husband thinks insiders’ perspectives,
with a strong undercurrent of Raymond Chandler and James Elroy.  Here
is the link to that site –

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